Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest

October 2 thru October 10, 2020  (Oct 2-10th)

Facebook pages:

We are going online this year to keep you and your loved ones safe.

We have over 70 films available to view.

Our films this year represents a tapestry of lives lived and the decisions we make while in pursuit of and reconnecting to our history and the importance of the words, “We the People…” in our quest for social justice.

These films will inspire, give you hope, make you think, laugh, cry and bring back memories.

Please continue to support our efforts to bring films showcasing cultural touchstones, historical stories, important lessons of heritage and topics of importance, bringing new understanding and awareness of the commonalities of our communities, by viewing these films.

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Keynotes are a huge part of RootsTech events. They deliver messages of inspiration and hope. Stay tuned for the full lineup of keynote speakers to be announced soon.

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“Tastes of Home” online exhibit

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation online exhibit: “Tastes of Home” click: Celebrating Immigrant Cultures Through Food — is now open! July 29 to September 30, 2020. Tastes of Home highlights the important role that food has played in the lives of immigrants across the US and around the world. You can even find recipes you can try at home! Please visit this free online exhibit at 

ww2 remembrance

Lets Start Writing Our Stories!

World War Two was a climatic period for our families, who are members of the ‘greatest generation’ link . Our Operation WWII Chinese American GI webinar aired on 8/29th link focuses on those who have served in our armed forces. But genealogy is about family history, and everyone in our family has an important contribution to our passion as BACGG members.

Because of the 75th Anniversary celebration of the end of World War 2 on 9/2/2020, I have set up a page click for BACGG members to write something about our relatives who lived during that period. Contrary to the 8/29th webinar, I have expanded the remembrances, including not only those who have served in the armed forces, but also on the home front, in the industrial war effort, and those interred by the tragic decisions of our leaders.

Your remembrances can be elaborate like Ron’s site click on a 3rd party website, or they can be a simple paragraph(s) like Doug’s site click . For Leona and Susan, they formatted their stories as a PDF, exported to an image, and we imported Leona’s page click and Susan’s page click.

Members of BACGG, lets return to our roots. This is an opportunity to practice writing our family history and share your family’s stories to publish on our site. These remembrances will be permanent pages on BACGG website. Members will be able to access their page at any time to change or update. Membership has it privileges.

Next year Ron will pay tribute to our veterans in the Korean Conflict, and the year after to veterans of the Vietnam war. As you gather your family history, remember to collect information on relatives in those two conflicts.

Contact Doug email me or email