Become a 2022 BACCGG Member: Preserve Your Family History

BACGG Family, 

Undoubtedly, 2021 will go down in the books as “challenging”, but with your support, BACGG persevered, growing its paid membership by 57% over 2020. We humbly started just as a San Francisco Bay Area bound organization, but today 20% of our members hail from Hawaii to New York. Welcome!  Thank you all for standing up and saying preserving your family history is precious, and BACGG is an important resource. 

BACGG will continue to work hard in 2022 to earn your support and $25 annual membership to share, socialize and educate genealogical successes and challenges. Here are some of our member only benefits planned for the first few months of 2022 (with more to come!):

March 23 We Go Live. Barring unforeseen COVID issues, we will resume our live quarterly meetings in a 250 seat facility to accommodate social distancing at the Family History Center (FHC) in Oakland. Our keynote speaker will be David Lei, on Chinese Lion Dancing, in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Save the date: March 23, 2022. Details to come.

March 23 Hosted Potluck. A highlight of each meeting is our Potluck to laugh and learn on a 1:1 basis. At our first live meeting in celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, at the FHC, we will host a feast of fried chicken, chow mein and other goodies, in addition to members bringing a dish to make our already great potlucks, grand!

Chinese American Historical Museum Field Trip. Partnering with the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, aka Ng Shing Gung Museum in San Jose, members will enjoy a special lecture, museum tour, and brown bag picnic. 

Meeting Session with Russell Low, author of 3 Coins and the new All American Crew at the FHC.

1950 US Census – Revealed, with Grant Din. The 1950 US Census will be made available this year for appropriately 150 million Americans. Grant will look at the 1950 census, with Chinese genealogist eyes, and share with you how to research your family history.  

FHC Research Resources.  BACGG meetings are held at the FHC. Right after the potluck you have access to over a dozen free genealogy research databases, and photo, film and negative scanners at no charge. You can even reserve a docent to help do online research! This is the perfect genealogy trifecta – Learn, Lunch, and Library.

Member Only Lectures.  Our live lectures and workshops will either be Members only, or members get preferred access to limited seating live sessions.  For out of state members, we will simulcast our live sessions. Here are just a few of our 2021 sessions to review.

Chinese New Year of the Ox by Rosemary Gong

      Cookbook by Jeanne Young and friends.  

  Family Tree by Doug Joe. Confession Program by Jeannie Young.

BACGG Website and Knowledge Pool. Our website ( is packed full of Chinese American community news, webinars, genealogy research and technical tips, but most of all, the ability to tap into a deep pool of Chinese Genealogists to provide guidance on your roadblocks. 

Thank you for your continued membership, or attending BACGG events. To become a 2022 BACGG Member, and complete a short survey to help us keep focused on your genealogy goals, please click below and join us!

YES, I want to become a 2022 Bay Area Chinese Genealogy Group Member for $25

Best wishes to you and yours in the new year.

Ron Chan 陳光宗, Founder and Executive Director,

Bruce Chin (陳昌浩),Gail Chong (張瑞貞), Alvin Huie, Doug Joe (周守衡),Leona Lau (劉陳彭李), Allan Low ( 劉啟信), Jeannie Young ( 江容娣), Planning Committee

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  1. We return to CA on May 25, 2022.

    Hope we can join you this summer for some “live” meetings.

    Warm regards,

    Eliz & Joe


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