Wishing you all a very happy Chinese New Year of the Ox. May you have happiness, good health and prosperity. To help you kick off and make the most of the holidays, we have three new programs.

1. How to Prepare for the Year of the Ox. This 1 hour video features Rosemary Gong, author of Good Luck Life, sharing the traditions of Chinese New Year. Plus we have five chefs demonstrating how to prepare traditional Chinese New Year dishes: jai, dumplings, steamed fish, white cut chicken, and rice cake.

2. Virtual Chinese New Years Recipe Flip Book. Each recipe is a traditional dish and a family favorite to welcome in the New Year. This reads just like a real book where you turn the pages, but also includes video, music, a search engine. The first five recipes includes a link to watch the video of home chef demonstrating how to make their dish. 

Tip’s are a few tips on how to navigate the flip books

  1. click the bottom right square and the book will maximize for easier reading
  2. click the bottom right printer to print out some, or all of the book, which is especially handy for recipes
  3. Upper right hand corner there is “Search”. For example, type in jai, and it shows you four pages that contain that word
  4. Turn off music by clicking the speaker icon for the flipbook below
  5. Click the images below for the pdf of Recipes and How to Prepare
Click on image to view/download pdf

3. How to Prepare for the Year of the Ox. This virtual flip book highlights the “do’s and don’ts” of celebrating Chinese New Years, the foods you eat and their significance, and maps out day by day traditional holiday activities. Start by talking to your family to gather any forgotten personal family New Year traditions. 

Click on image to view/download pdf

credits: Recipes and Preparation Book compiled and collated by Jeannie Young and Gail Chong; Flipbook and video by Ron Chan dj Jun/2021

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