MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT OPTION$ suggested $25 for 2022

The name Douglas Joe, BACGG Planning Committee member and former bookkeeper, may display as primary holder and originator of the below accounts.

  1. …Venmo is free depending on your choice of funding. Venmo® payment link…..Venmo® payee ID: @BACGG-Bank….
    Below is the Venmo QR code:

    You can contact us at bacgg.bank@gmail.com and we will send you a Venmo request if you like…
  2. …Zelle is always free. You can respond directly…. How to use your bank’s Zelle® faq …..BACGG’s Zelle® payee ID: bacgg.bank@gmail.com
    To be extra cautious, email us at bacgg.bank@gmail.com and we will send a request for due payment.
  3. …Generally free depending on your choice of funding… How to use Apple Pay® faq …..use your iMessage® payment to 415-297-4464
    Email us bacgg.bank@gmail.comand we can send you an Apple Pay request for payment.
  4. …Generally free depending on your choice of funding… Google Pay® payment link …..BACGG.bank@gmail.com
    Email us at bacgg.bank@gmail.com and we will send a request for due payment.
  5. Mailing address to write checks payable to: BACGG and mailed c/o Al Low, 18940 Westview Dr, Saratoga, CA 95070

    please write your email address on the check. We operate virtually and efficiently. Therefore we contact our members via email.

  6. …PayPal’s Artificial Intelligence reads the memo and will charge BACGG a 0.5% transaction fee or $1.25 per $25 donation/membership. We ask that you add that amount to the annual membership so the total is $26.25. Another option is to state in the memo “Friends 22” and we think the AI won’t recognize that as a business transaction and we will recognize it applies to 2022 membership. The Planning Committee appreciates you working with us. PayPal® BACGG payment link
    You can contact us at bacgg.bank@gmail.com and we will send you a PayPal request if you like…
  7. At live gatherings: cash or checks to any planning committee member (remember to receive a receipt)

Our group formed in early 2019, with a common interest in Chinese American Genealogy. We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; therefore, support/membership fees are not tax deductible.Thank you for supporting BACGG.

Membership Financial Transparency

December 21, 2019 by Ron Chan

To ensure we offer full transparency to membership dues, we have put the following fiscal checks and balances in place:

Volunteer Auditor. A volunteer member has full disclosure of the books every month, as with the Planning Committee.

Separation of Deposits and Withdraws. Only two Planning Committee members can deposit funds (Gail Chong and Jeannie Young). Two different Committee members only have rights to withdraw funds (Ron Chan and Doug Joe).

Committee Approval Required to Spend. Expenses less than $24.99 do not require committee approval, but all must be notified. Expenses more than $25 requires committee majority vote.

Joint Account. Our savings account is managed by two people. Doug Joe, our Treasurer and IT Director, and Ron Chan, the Executive Director. Once the Executive Director and/or Treasurer is replaced, their signatories will be removed.

Quickbook’s Best Practices. All accounting will be done using Quickbook to ensure standard accounting practices, which includes tracking membership dues and expenses on a line item basis.

December 21, 2019 by Ron Chan

It is rare in any organization the membership votes to choose what their membership donation should be. In the 2020 survey, 80% of you voted you are willing to support BACGG with a membership of $5 per meeting (5 meetings annually). These dues will help support BACGG’s rocket raise in membership from our original 10 just six meetings ago, to now over 100 members … all resulting from an organic word of mouth. No advertising, no recruitment.

Thank you for understanding that it does cost money for web site hosting and domain name acquisition, office / cleanup / potluck supplies, signage, support quality speakers with small “thank you” honorariums, and more. In 2019 this financial burden was shouldered by a very, very few people. Thank you for sharing this cost we can continue to grow to meet your family history needs. We remain 100% volunteers driven.

3 thoughts on “$upport”

  1. I cannot attend meetings on Wednesdays although retired since I provide clinical supervision for staff in SF that day. However, I will send in my membership dues to support your efforts and hope I will be able to attend meetings in the future. Thanks!

  2. Thank you to Gail Chong for contacting me and answering my questions about BACGG. I live out of the area, but have already found the information on the website valuable. I am now a supportive member.


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