Chinese diaspora since the 10th century

  1. Malaysia wiki
  2. Philippines wiki
  3. Indonesia wiki
  4. South East Asia wiki

Human Conflicts

  1. 1839-1842 1st Opium Wars wiki
  2. 1850-1864 TaiPing rebellion wiki
  3. 1855-1864 Punti Hakka wars wiki
  4. 1856-1860 2nd Opium War wiki
  5. 883-1886 Tonkin Campaign wiki
  6. 1894-1895 First Sino-Japanese War wiki
  7. 1899-1901 Boxer Rebellion wiki

Natural Disasters in the Pearl Delta

  1. 1885 Guangdong Flood site
  2. Flooding of the Pearl River wiki

Henry Tom’s bi-yearly genealogy workshop

Below was extracted from one of Henry’s flyers. His workshop has been running bi-yearly since 2015

The workshop provides insightful presentations on Chinese genealogy research. It instructs attendees on how to use various techniques to advance their own research and discover the interesting information pertaining to their family / clan history and to identify those resources that can best serve them. There will also be exposure to the various information, material, and tools available on the Internet and in books and other sources to assist in compiling and documenting Chinese lineages. The ancestral villages of attendees will be identified and located – the primary source for family genealogy books.

This is a “how to” workshop that educates you on what you need to know in order to start performing Chinese genealogical research. The intent of the workshop is to educate people about Chinese genealogy research – so they can start researching and compiling their Chinese genealogy lineage – without having to be Chinese literate.. Some of the Chinese narratives, lineage annotations, and histories do require translation. 

Please bring your family genealogy information and lineages and let experienced researchers assist you during the “hands on” sessions. Flash drives of information, sources, and presentations will be provided to attendees. This can be up to a 3 day workshop for attendees

Neither BACGG nor I have any financial relationship with Henry Tom. Many of our members are his alumni. ~dj12jan2020