Writing Family History With Artificial Intelligence


San Francisco Public Library, June 25, 6:30 – 8PM, Register Here For Zoom Session

Saratoga Library, 13650 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, Aug 4, 1PM – 3PM

Fremont Library, 2400 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont, Aug 17, 11AM – 1PM

Los Altos Library, 13 S. San Antonio RD, Los Altos, Aug 31, 11AM – 1PM

Milpitas Library, 160 N Main Street, Milpitas, Nov 16, 3 – 5PM

Writing Family History With AI


  • Hands-on Writing Family History with AI Workshop
  • Blend of theory, demonstration, and practical application
  • Explore storytelling fundamentals and AI-generated narratives
  • Learn to use AI as a writing coach and create personalized stories
  • Share family anecdotes and insights with fellow participants 
  • Discover where to publish family stories online – FREE

Explore the fusion of storytelling and artificial intelligence at our Writing Family History with AI Workshop. This interactive session merges theory, demonstrations, and sharing for a dynamic learning experience. Learn storytelling fundamentals, from traditional tales to AI-generated narratives. Discover how AI can enhance your writing process and create captivating stories. Dive into movie-making techniques and unleash your storytelling prowess through personalized videos. Bring your creativity and laptop, and craft your own AI-assisted family stories. Share and connect with fellow participants, exchanging family anecdotes and insights. No prior experience necessary, just bring your creativity and curiosity, plus an internet-ready laptop with a word processor.

About The Speaker: Ron Chan

Ron is a seasoned lecturer on family history documentation principles, captivating audiences worldwide at Genealogy Workshops and libraries. As a published genealogy author, he has a passion for storytelling, teaching innovative methods to breathe life into ancestral tales. Ron is the Founder of the Bay Area Chinese Genealogy Group, dedicated to preserving ancestral stories. He’s also a co-founder of the Chinese American GI Project, ensuring the legacies of veterans are not lost, forgotten or ignored. Ron shares with you how to capture and share family struggles of the past so future generations embrace, remember and learn from those who came before.

Feedback From Attendee’s

“ Enjoy your personal aspects to communicate and use AI. Your personal efforts to create family stories and use your parents and grandparents history was very touching, emotional and very informational. Motivates me to do the same“.

“Used to great hook to start. The pictures were colorful. Narration was interesting. I was able to follow along. Not too much to read.”

“Learned a lot (and I am pretty geeky!) I have presented professionally, probably 7200 times before and I could tell you, you have the perfect combination to engage your audience, knowledge, and passion for your topics. Great presentation skills (audience engagement) of your topic – Family!“

“Very good. The storytelling tips and slideshow ideas were terrific.”

“Ron explained very well. Had great examples. Spoke clearly and at a good speed.“.

“I thought it was helpful – you presented very nicely. “

“I think it was very good and gave me hope to do stories about my own family. “

“Good thought to use ChatGPT as a writing coach.  Only you know your stories the best.”

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