National Genealogic Society Conference May 24-28

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Grant Wrote:

Hello genealogists-
As you all know, I’m on the board of the California Genealogical Society, and this year we’re the host society for the annual National Genealogical Society conference May 24-28. This is the first time it’ll be on the West Coast in some time, and (as long as it’s safe) it’ll be held in Sacramento, where I know many of us have relatives! Please take a look at the attached conference brochure –  you’ll note that Gordon H. Chang will give the keynote remarks on Wednesday morning, Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu’s Far East Deep South will be screened on Friday; and among the tracks are immigration, DNA, Chinese American, Asian Pacific, Western States, and many other great areas. Our own Marisa Louie Lee, Trish Hackett Nicola, Linda Harms Okazaki, Carly Lane Morgan, Cindy Kim Thomson, and yours truly are all among the presenters. There are tours on Tuesday the 24th including a gold country tour I’ve been drafted to lead!

There will be both in-person and and online ways to attend the conference, and you can get the full schedule by looking at the attached brochure. To register or for more information, visit the NGS conference site. We’re also looking for volunteers to help in many ways. I’m happy to answer questions at

To prepare, CGS also has a six-part series on libraries and repositories in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Scroll down to see more information about all of our upcoming programs including the libraries ones. The first of the series was a program on the Center for Sacramento History and we have a video online here and we’ll have the two that we had about the California State Library online soon. I’ll be sure to let people know about how to see them because they have a lot of good information.

You’ll also note below that Raymond Douglas Chong will be giving a free online talk about his Chinese railroad worker ancestor on March 8. Be sure to check it out!

National Genealogical Society 2022 Family History Conference on the CGS site

The National Genealogical Society conference brochure provides a detailed information of the location, conference topics, events and more. Download it now and start planning your visit.

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