Chinese Genealogy – Creating Immortality

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Resources on How To Do Your Genealogy Search:

Just Google “Chinese genealogy resources” and you will get tons of sites.
Henry Tom – Chinese Genealogy search without knowing Chinese –
Tony King – interpreting Chinese genealogy books –
Henry Tom’s Chinese American Genealogy Workshop in Las Vegas – June 28-30, 2021 – for information,
Introduction to Chinese genealogy –
Bay Area Chinese Genealogy Group –
Family Search –
Chinese Family History Group of Southern California –
My China Roots –
SiYi Chinese Genealogy –
Michele Gelfand –
Google “Contact Hypothesis” – solution to interracial conflicts
Dr Derald Sue of Columbia University – Microaggression:

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Genealogy – Creating Immortality”

  1. Instead of talking about how to do your genealogy (already too many websites and workshops), I will talk about why the Chinese institutionalized this over the centuries. Example – crimes are punishable for 3 generations so you must leave a good name or the next two generations will also be punished. Treason is punishable not only 3 generations, but also 9 relations (parents, grandparents, sons, cousins, aunts, uncle, nephews, etc) will be responsible and put to death. So the government kept track of genealogy not only to dish out punishment, but also to select good candidates for office and find eligible wives/consorts from good families. Many other reasons which I will talk about. David


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