“I’m Not Who You Think I Am: An Asian American Woman’s Political Journey”

Thursday, July 9, 202012:00pm to 12:45pmOnline Via Zoom

Maeley Tom released her memoir entitled “I’m Not Who You Think I Am.”  Her story describes her journey to becoming the first woman and first ethnic minority to serve at the highest level of California Legislature. Her book also serves as political history in discovering how she went from political neophyte to seasoned insider to be the first to reach the top of an all-male, nearly all-white power elite in the California capitol. In “I’m Not Who You Think I Am,” we learn how Maeley helped create and advance the Asian American presence in California politics, along with a core group of close friends and colleagues.  

The book is a glimpse into how Maeley dedicated herself to giving voice to an under-represented community, led by example, and how her actions and accomplishments became inseparable from the rise of the Asian American political community. She has seen great success, as well as setbacks, hardship, and scandal. Her experience includes enduring prejudice and discrimination, and her story includes how her perseverance and integrity helped her and the Asian community emerge as a strong and influential community.  Her journey is documented in her memoir of a life well-led, with hard-fought gains and deeply-felt sacrifices; a story of painful struggles for professional recognition, self-knowledge, and personal fulfillment; a story of the rewarding, but often harsh, intersection of the personal and the political.

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