Overseas Chinese Genealogy Workshop & Tours by Henry Tom

Postponed from November 2020 to April 2021

Tour Segment 1- April 1-10 China Highlights

Includes Beijing (Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Mutinayu section of the Great Wall (older than the Badaling) and the Summer Palace), Xian (Terracotta Warriors, the Great Mosque and Muslim Market), Hangzhou (Lingyin Temple, Longjing Tea Plantation, National Silk Museum, West Lake), Shanghai (Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Library, the French Concession, the Bund), Suzhou (Humble Administrator’s Garden, Grand Canal boat ride, Embroidery Research Institute.

Tour Segment 2 – April 10 – 21 China Genealogy Workshop and Associated Tours in Guangdong Province

You’ll explore your cultural history with visits to Mei Guan (Pass), walk through Kaiping dialous established as UNESCO World Heritage Site; experience full cultural immersion into rural country life at Cangdong Heritage Village in Kaiping, visit Jiangmen Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum, former residence and museum of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Zhongshan Folklore Museum, and much more. The highlight will be the Included workshop at Wuyi University with Professor Selia Tan, meeting with university researchers to discuss your personal village reports and plans for visiting your ancestral villages with a translator and driver.

Tour Segment 3 – April 21-27  Yunnan Province

Yunnan province is located in southwestern China and borders Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar and is home to many ethnic minorities (Bai and Nax) people. The landscape is varied with snow- capped mountains, rice terraces, lakes and deep gorges. It was home base for the Flying Tigers. Visit Kunming, Lijian Ancient Town, Dali and Shuhe , Xizhou and Zhoucheng Old Towns.

Tour Segment 4 – April 11-19 Taiwan*

This is basically a “Do It Yourself” tour of Taipei and island tour of Taiwan based on Henry Tom’s recommendations where participants book their own flights and hotel booking. All the tours will be provided by Viator Tours.

There will be a day trip “Ultimate Taipei Sightseeing Tour”, from Taipei to old world towns of Jinguashi, Juifen, and Pingxi  and a 5-day tour that includes Sun Moon Lake, Taroko Gorge, Kaohsiung and Taitung.

* This is a tour option for those who want alternative to Segment 2  

For more trip details, contact information and registration: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/995ckd8dp5qjqne/AABNycw9-fczkioxOM6OvzqTa?dl=0

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